Louise Mehaffey

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Artist Statement/Bio

Take rods of colored glass, heat them to a taffy-like consistency in the flame, and wrap the glass around a metal rod. This simple technique is ancient and hypnotic. The possibilities are endless.

I love color and like to play with layering glass to create new colors. I also love to play with the reactions of glass with metal foils, and with each other. For the last few years, I have been obsessed with dots! There is something hypnotic about them, and creating a beads covered wtih dots is a form of meditation for me. I like the idea of someone finding one of my beads 100 years from now, feeling the energy that created it, and wondering about the artist who made it.

In 2008, my book Glass Beads, Tips, Tools and Techniques for Learning the Craft was published by Stackpole Publishing as part of their Heritage Crafts Today series. They also published Glass Bead Inspirations in 2010 and Decorative Stained Glass Designs in 2012. My hollow eye bead was the focus of the Eternal Bead Exhibition at the Bead Museum, Washington DC, and my beads have been included in many magazines and books.

Website: www.eGlassplace.com

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