Bronwen Heilman

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Artist Statement/Bio

Bronwen Heilman is a full-time studio artist, flame-work glass instructor and the Director of the flame working studio at Sonoran Glass School in Tucson, Arizona. Her work has been exhibited and received awards in numerous juried exhibitions. She is a recipient of the International Glass Bead Society Presidents Award, first place in soft marble competition, and others. Her work is published in The Contemporary Shot Glass Book, 1000 Glass Beads, 500 Beaded Objects, Contemporary Lampworking, Glass Bead Masters, Bronwen Heilman: Vitreous Painting Techniques for Glass Beadmaking among others. Her most recent exhibition was "Lifeforms: The 2nd Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka Glass Biological Model Exhibition" in Corning, New York.

This work is from my newest collection: Bron-enam-tech. Three pieces are from a new technique that I developed where I flame work glass into wonderful shapes, then use high fire enamels, creating an outer worldly effect. Is it porcelain? Is it glass? Whatever it is, it is brilliantly fun. The other three pieces are from my hollow series, again, is it porcelain? (Hint, it is also flame worked glass) with sterling silver caps riveted on each bead with a sterling silver tube.


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