Little By Little

This is the collection for our Little by Little Fundraiser! The items we sell from this collection will go toward our Wedding & Building Fund! 

If you'd like to know more, here is a little intro William did for our Facebook Fundraiser: 

Andrew and I have been together for twelve years and in that time we've met one another, loved and left NYC, moved to western PA, started a store (Allegory Gallery), bought a home, adopted four wonderful fur babies, and now we're looking toward marriage.

Life isn't the easiest right now. With this crazy pandemic, we were forced to have the tough discussion on whether or not to keep Allegory Gallery open. But, like many things, we've decided to fight. We're holding on to our dreams, and we're pushing forward. The next logical step for AG is for us to stop renting and start contributing toward a mortgage on a building for a permanent location here in our beautiful town of Ligonier, PA.

When we started wedding planning, we thought about a great big wedding with all the extravagances. Afterall, this is a very big day for us since neither one of us felt it would ever be a reality years ago as LGBT youths. But, here we are…it's 2020, and we're actually able to get married legally. That's certainly something to celebrate for us! But, we also try to be practical in most things. And the more that we thought about it, the more we realized that we would rather a simple ceremony and a great time with friends. And, the money that would have been put toward a huge wedding would be better spent in a small ceremony and as a downpayment on a permanent home for Allegory Gallery.

So, as in so many things, we're turning to our community. If you'd like to help us with our wedding and future plans for our store, please consider donating if you can. We also have a GoFundMe Fundraiser going, so if you've already given there, we thank you so much! We know that not everyone can right now, and we totally understand. In that case, we hope that you'll share this to help us get the word out. The ultimate goal is $60,000 for a downpayment, and we have a year and a half to do it. We plan to work harder than ever to make it a reality! We thank you so much for reading and for your consideration.

You can find our Facebook Fundraiser here if you'd like to donate directly:

And, if you prefer GoFundMe, we're here:

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