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Another week brings another lineup of blog posts from the ever-creative group of bead and craft bloggers.

Cyndi shows how to make a stunning spiral rope necklace with opulent purple pearls.

Ann creates a lovely new necklace using beads from Darn Good Yarn and an old African bead from her collection.

The seasons are changing and autumn inspiration has struck Terry Jeanette!  Her new line of jewelry incorporates a beachy vibe with a fall color palette.

Sarajo creates an assortment of pod related jewelry for the July Art Elements monthly challenge, as well as shares some of the headpins from the Adornments Retreat.  Sarajo also made a mold for future pod components.

Drawing on Andrew's experiences from being both an artist and a gallery owner, he shares some of his small business guidance gleaned over the years.

Allegory Gallery launches their NEW series of podcasts called, Allegory Gallery Interviews.  In the first interview, William sits down with ceramic artist, Gina Chalfant of White Swan Illuminations.

Allegory Gallery Interviews—Our New Podcast!

Here at Allegory Gallery, we're always trying to find new ways to connect people with the wonderful beads, art, and jewelry that we have in store. We've learned that everything we sell has a story to tell, but, unfortunately, those stories don't always cross the lines from their source of being to those who ultimately possess them. We named our store Allegory Gallery because we felt it was our mission to tell those stories.

Allegory—a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning. We want our supporters to tell their stories. That's why we host classes twice a week; we want to give you the tools and techniques to get your story out there. That's why we host our Design Challenge Group and our Inspired by Reading Book Club; we want to push the boundaries of your stories so that you may take them to the next level. And now, we've begun Allegory Gallery Interviews—our branded podcast.

Allegory Gallery Interviews is about telling the stories of the beads and art that surround us, directly from the makers themselves. Each episode of Allegory Gallery Interviews features a maker who will tell their story—how they began, why they are passionate about what they do, who and what their inspirations are, and what advice or words of wisdom they have for those listening. And, because we want you to see a direct lineage of maker to art, we will feature works by the maker in our store and online coinciding with the debut of each podcast episode.

You can subscribe to Allegory Gallery Interviews on any of these services thus far (with more, hopefully, coming soon):

Google Play:

And, if you'd like to follow along more closely on Facebook, we've built a Facebook Page dedicated to Allegory Gallery Interviews:

We are in the early stages, but we hope that you'll find this experience enriching, and we will continuously be adding new content and ways for you to connect with those who are assisting in your stories. We hope that you'll follow along and enjoy the stories of these artists. 
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Open To All

We have always built our business on the idea that it's a safe space. Allegory Gallery was started by an LGBTQ couple, and we're proud of who we are. And, we know what the world can be like out there. This is why Allegory Gallery will always remain a safe space. No one should have to worry about whether they will be denied service or face hostilities as they go about their daily lives simply because of who they are. And, we're happy to see that this movement—one that we've always believed in—is spreading. This is why we took the pledge to be #OpenToAll and our business is listed on Yelp as an "Open To All" Business! And, we hope that you'll join us! CLICK HERE to find out more about what it means to be Open To All.

Lost Wax Casting with Green Girl Studios

While we were in Asheville visiting our family at Green Girl Studios, Greg Ogden took us on a tour of the studio where most of the cast components are created.  We filmed a short video of Greg explaining the lost wax casting technique, giving a step by step rundown on how the sterling silver, shibuichi, and bronze pieces are made.  This metalsmithing technique goes back thousands of years and connects to a rich jewelry-making tradition.  CLICK HERE to visit our YouTube channel and watch the short video.
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Allegory Gallery in the Ligonier Echo

We are so fortunate to be featured in our local newspaper, the Ligonier Echo!  The article titled, "Allegory Gallery receives national recognition as American Small Business Champion" appears in the Thursday, August 2nd issue of the paper.  It's a wonderful write-up of Allegory Gallery's experience with SCORE and being named one of the 2018 American Small Business Champions.  We appreciate all of our friends and supporters who have made this possible!  If you get a chance and are local, please pick up a copy of the paper and show your support for this valuable local resource.

Road Trip with Candie Cooper and Green Girl Studios

Every year, we head down to North Carolina to see our family at Green Girl Studios and shop the gem shows in Franklin, NC.  It just so happened that our trip aligned with a visit from Candie Cooper!  You might know Candie from one of her many books like, "Metalworking 101 for Beaders", "Necklaceology", "Earringology", or "Felted Jewelry".  Candie also does some hugely popular Facebook Live sessions.  CLICK HERE to visit her Facebook page.

Over the course of the weekend, we had several Facebook Live sessions giving a sneak peek into the inner workings of Green Girl Studios.  One of them was about Cynthia and her process carving and shaping wax.  Another featured Greg and how he casts the pewter beads.  In one of them, I demonstrated how to wire-wrap bead caps onto a glass bauble.  Candie offered a lot of custom, special listings in her Etsy shop and throughout the experience, Candie shared her positive energy and gracious camaraderie.

It was a fantastic weekend!  Not only did we have a great time interacting with customers, shopping the gem shows, and sharing stories, but we also got a chance to spend time with each other.  We empowered one another with our experiences and expertise, motivated one another, and bonded over friendship and beads.  It was a great weekend, indeed!

Bead and Craft Bloggers

What a wonderful line-up of links from our Bead and Craft Bloggers group!  There's so much talent on display this week!

Awareness can be beautiful.  In this post, TappingflamingoBling shares her beach style with these autism awareness bracelets!  The cherry on top is that a portion of the sales will benefit a nonprofit that supports autism awareness.

Summer is a busy time!  Keeping up with your crafts can be tricky.  In this post, Cyndi shows how she side-stepped packing and planning for a dozen different projects and focused on one technique: the Russian Spiral rope that she learned from Carol Ohl's article in Beadwork magazine.

Tammy, the Crafty Princess extraordinaire, let's us take a look at a tiny Blythe Doll dress she made and talks about the importance of adding details, especially when working on a small scale.

Allegory Gallery has a monthly design kit challenge.  July's challenge was, "Wild Jungle".  See what Ann made with the kit!

Brenda Schweder, Jess Lincoln, Heather Powers, and Erin Prais-Hintz teamed up this year to headline the Adornments Retreat in Galena, Illinois!  In this blog, Sarajo shares what it was like to attend this amazing experience!

Each month, this book club reads a new selection.  Unlike a lot of other book clubs, after they finish reading, members are encouraged to make something inspired by what they read!  See what Andrew created with Rainbow Rowell's book, "Eleanor & Park" as inspiration!

The store is constantly evolving!  Each day new items are added to the showroom floor.  Check out what's new at this local bead store!

Rainbow Rowell-Inspired Mixed Tape Necklace for Charity

We recently had our meet-up for the Inspired by Reading Book Club.  Andrew made a pair of earrings inspired by "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell.  CLICK HERE to read about them and our book club.  When Andrew posted his earrings, he shared his creation with the author and she responded back!  How awesome is that?  Pretty dang awesome!!!

Andrew was so excited that Rainbow Rowell checked out his blog and retweeted his post that he decided to pay the good energy forward.  He decided to make a few pieces using the Mixed Tape component he designed (inspired by her book) with profits going to the nonprofit of her choice.  Rainbow Rowell picked Everytown for Gun Safety.

We have six necklaces up for grabs in our online shop.  Each necklace features a laser-engraved acrylic pendant designed by Andrew Thornton on an 18 inch sterling silver 1.2mm stringing cable chain with a spring ring clasp.  Each necklace is $20, plus shipping.  All of the proceeds from the sales of these necklaces will go directly to her chosen charity.  If the necklaces are popular and sell out, we'll do another run.  CLICK HERE to check out our online shop and get a necklace.

Many thanks to Rainbow Rowell for her kind words and for her inspirational talent as a writer.  We appreciate the time she took to brighten our day and share our book club and small business with others.  THANK YOU!
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New Additions to the Online Store

When we started Allegory Gallery, we did so with a shoestring budget.  That means that a lot of the things we did early on were geared towards the independent artist business model, either free or low-cost.  This included our online store.  For years, we had an online shop with BigCartel.  While we loved them and how easy it was to use, they have a cap on how many products a shop can have.  Eventually we supplemented our BigCartel store with an Etsy shop.  The online shopping experience was a little fragmented.  When we were out in Reno for the SCORE American Small Business Championship conference, one of the things we talked about was putting your best foot forward with your online presence and to work on optimizing the shopping experience your customers have.  With some of the recent changes to Etsy, we decided it was the perfect time to take things to the next level.

We've been working hard on creating our own online store built directly into our website.  We want the online store to mirror the in-store experience, focusing on a carefully curated collection of unique items.  We've been adding products a little at a time to fill it up.

Here are some of our newest additions:

These mixed metal pendants were created by Andrew Thornton.  They combine flame-polished copper and sterling silver.  The different metals provide a nice contrast and has a graphic impact.  To find out more about these pendants, CLICK HERE.

These pendants were also created by Andrew Thornton.  Andrew raided his rose-cut sapphire collection to make these new pieces.  The sparkly stones are bezel-set and have long style bails.  The bails are a nice design feature that changes the way they're hung and increases their ability to be customized and personalized for the wearer; you can dangle charms off the bails, wrap them in colored fibers, or add seed bead embellishments.  The pendants can also be worn with other pieces without worrying about it getting buried in the jumble.  To take a closer look at these pendants and other sapphire beads, CLICK HERE.

Art beads are some of the things that we focus on a lot at the shop.  We have art beads created by artisans from all over the world in various different mediums.  There's beads in glass, metal, you name it!  These ones are made by an Oregon-based artist named Dana Swisher.  She works in ceramic and created these charming face beads.  CLICK HERE to learn more about them.

Keep coming back and checking out our latest offerings!  We try to add something everyday.  And if there's something that you're looking for, let us know and we'll try to find it for you and add it to the shop.  You can see a full listing of all our offerings by CLICKING HERE.
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Allegory Gallery on Instagram

Are you on Instagram?  So are we!  It's another place to keep up with what we've got going on here at Allegory Gallery.  If you like the content on our Facebook page, blog, and website, we recommend you follow us there too!  CLICK HERE to visit our Instagram feed and make sure to follow us if you haven't already!