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Etched Copper Pendant Reward

One of the nice things about working on Project: Next Step is that we've had a wonderful opportunity to work with our family over at Green Girl Studios.  They've been extremely supportive of our efforts and Cynthia has been really kind and worked on several collaboration pieces for the project.  One of the pieces that Cynthia designed for Project: Next Step is this Etched Copper Pendant.  It features a lovely bunny rabbit motif.  (You might have noticed that there are a lot of rabbits as prizes – rabbits are symbols of prosperity, luck, abundance, and fertility!  All good things for a fundraiser!)  If you'd like to find out more about this piece, CLICK HERE.  To find out more about all of the pledge rewards, CLICK HERE.
Design by Cynthia Thornton
We feel really lucky to have such an amazing support system behind us!  It is a reminder just how fortunate we are.