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Here at Allegory Gallery, we know that the rising tide raises all boats. That's been our motto from the very beginning, and that's how we try to live our lives. A few years ago, we did a series on Facebook called Around Town where we visited our favorite places, stores, and restaurants in town. We have a wonderfully supportive community not only locally, but all over the world, and we wanted to show everyone how great our little town and community of Ligonier, PA really is! So, after some time, we've decided to bring the series back.

We've recently filmed and released our seventh episode this year of our Around the Town Series. In this episode, we take a look at a really lovely women's clothing store here in Ligonier, Song of Sixpence! Natalie, the Owner, does a great job of curating colorful and fun clothing for her clients, and we think you'll just love this walk through of her clothing boutique—especially the Songlines Jewelry Collection by Jewel (one of very few boutiques in the country to carry this wonderful jewelry line by the singer/song-writer!

There are so many activities and interesting things to do in Ligonier, and we have so many beautiful, independently-owned shops. That's why we created this video series. We can't help but want to show Ligonier off to the world! You can find this series on YouTube and Facebook, and we hope that you'll check all the videos out. And, even more, we hope that you'll see things you love, as most of these businesses will ship anywhere. So, if you want something that you see, please don't hesitate to reach out. And, if you have any questions, we're always willing to help get you in touch! And don't forget, if you're ever in the Pittsburgh area, we're not very far away! It's worth the trip to visit us in Ligonier! We hope this video series only reinforces that notion!