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A Letter from Governor Tom Wolf

Running a small business can be challenging at times and it's easy to forget how blessed we are to follow our dreams, but then there are days like these, that remind us that what we are doing is being seen and appreciated.  We were recently named one of SCORE's American Small Business Champions.  Out of thousands of entries, we were able to claim one of the 102 spots.  In Pennsylvania, we were one out of three small businesses in the entire state!  (There are just shy of a million small businesses currently filing in Pennsylvania, by the way.)  That recognition didn't go unnoticed.  Governor Tom Wolf recently sent us a personalized letter commending us for our hard work and for our efforts in the small business community.  Thank you, SCORE for empowering us to be #bizchampions and Governor Tom Wolf for your time, energy, and encouragement.  Today is a gold star... or rather... gold seal... day, for sure!