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New Laser-Engraved Heart Pendants

Since we got the laser, we've been working hard to create meaningful components that people can use to incorporate into their jewelry projects.  One of the motifs that has long fascinated us is the heart.  The typical Valentine's Day heart is very different than an actual thing!  The simplified caricature is an iconic symbol that crosses borders and is almost universally understood.  

But the heart is more than just a beating organ that pumps blood.  The heart is imbued with all sorts of stories and symbolism.  And depending on which culture you're participating in, it can change the meaning and significance.  A heart can mean friendship and companionship.  But a heart can also represent passion and love.  A sometimes a heart can symbolize bravery and fortitude.  Just like there are many different forms of love, so too are their hearts.

All of these new laser-engraved wooden pendants are etched onto 1/8 inch thick maple plywood and depict original artwork by Andrew Thornton.  They were made in house at Allegory Gallery with love in Ligonier, PA.

Laser-engraved wooden flying heart pendant by Allegory Gallery.

When we think of the word kindness, we think of something soft and fluffy.  We gave this heart wings, so that it could soar amongst the cotton puff clouds.  The two crossed arrows symbolize friendship.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

Laser-engraved wooden love heart pendant by Allegory Gallery.

Infatuation can quickly burn out, but love... true love... is a thing that grows over time.  This heart depicts a floral motif, abundant with growing things.  CLICK HERE to take gander at it in the online shop.

Laser-engraved wooden courage/sacred heart pendant by Allegory Gallery.

This design plays off the motif of the Sacred Heart.  The regular iconography of a sacred heart represents the love of God, is wrapped in a crown of thorns, and is burning with divine light.  This version shows the heart as an organ of fire and feeling.  The rose symbolizes beauty, new beginnings, hope, and balance.  The stylized thorns epitomize defense and protection.  All together, this pendant represents courage as the fiery zest of life.  Want to learn more about this pendant?  CLICK HERE.

We have been steadily working on increasing our selection of laser-engraved wooden pendants, including quote pendants.  To see the full selection of our current offerings, CLICK HERE.  If you have a bead store and would like to wholesale our pendants, contact us at for more information and to establish an account.  We can also do custom pendants with your own original artwork!
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