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Here Be Dragons

As we get closer to the end date of Project: Next Step, we've been taking suggestions on how we might better boost participation with this fundraiser.  One of the ideas was to share pictures of the rewards.  And as artists, we agree!  Visuals help!  But... due to the very customized nature of some of the pledge prizes, this isn't always possible.  (Plus, some of the prizes are still in development and won't be ready for a few months.)  We didn't want to leave all of you hanging though!

So... here are a few images to give you an idea of what to expect with the Dragon Sculpture Reward option:

Mixed Media Dragon by Andrew Thornton
Polymer Clay Dragon by Andrew Thornton
Polymer Clay Dragon by Andrew Thornton
Each dragon will be customized to the individual pledger.  So the dragon you will receive will be completely unique and different from the pictures.  One person who has already claimed a dragon said that she wanted her dragon to be friendly and approachable and have a "sparkling personality".  Another participant wanted their dragon to be a protector of their family and definitely GREEN.  It has been really fun conducting the interviews and coming up with different ideas to match personalities.

And... if you're not into dragons, but you've got an idea for a whimsical sculpture, we can definitely work with you to create something to fit your tastes (within reason).  If you want a custom sculpture commission, email us at and we can let you know if we can do it or not.

CLICK HERE to claim your Dragon (or something else) Sculpture and CLICK HERE to see all of the rewards.  We'll add more pictures right up until the end to hopefully drum up extra participation.