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Allegory Gallery Interviews—Our New Podcast!

Here at Allegory Gallery, we're always trying to find new ways to connect people with the wonderful beads, art, and jewelry that we have in store. We've learned that everything we sell has a story to tell, but, unfortunately, those stories don't always cross the lines from their source of being to those who ultimately possess them. We named our store Allegory Gallery because we felt it was our mission to tell those stories.

Allegory—a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning. We want our supporters to tell their stories. That's why we host classes twice a week; we want to give you the tools and techniques to get your story out there. That's why we host our Design Challenge Group and our Inspired by Reading Book Club; we want to push the boundaries of your stories so that you may take them to the next level. And now, we've begun Allegory Gallery Interviews—our branded podcast.

Allegory Gallery Interviews is about telling the stories of the beads and art that surround us, directly from the makers themselves. Each episode of Allegory Gallery Interviews features a maker who will tell their story—how they began, why they are passionate about what they do, who and what their inspirations are, and what advice or words of wisdom they have for those listening. And, because we want you to see a direct lineage of maker to art, we will feature works by the maker in our store and online coinciding with the debut of each podcast episode.

You can subscribe to Allegory Gallery Interviews on any of these services thus far (with more, hopefully, coming soon):

Google Play:

And, if you'd like to follow along more closely on Facebook, we've built a Facebook Page dedicated to Allegory Gallery Interviews:

We are in the early stages, but we hope that you'll find this experience enriching, and we will continuously be adding new content and ways for you to connect with those who are assisting in your stories. We hope that you'll follow along and enjoy the stories of these artists. 
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