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Project Next Step Retreat

One of the most exciting aspects of Project: Next Step is that we're offering more than just material objects to express our gratitude (which are all cool too), but we've also posted a lot of experience-based perks.  This includes a selection of classes and retreats.  I teach all over the country and travel to do TV appearances, but rarely do I get to have a class in our town.  It's really a shame, because I really love Ligonier and we have wonderful venues and amenities that makes taking a class here a real pleasure.

We've got four classes: Polymer Tool Making Class, Bling Pendant Class, Reliquary Doll Class, and the Metal Clay Class.  I think it's a lovely mix of classes.  When we sat down and thought up the classes, I tried to pick classes that could stand alone, but could be taken in conjunction with each other and enrich the overall experience.

The biggest prize we have up for grabs for Project: Next Step is our retreat.  The retreat is a really fun opportunity and takes advantage of our proximity to Frank Lloyd Wright's historic homes.  While the retreat isn't necessarily about Frank Lloyd Wright, we will be making a field trip to either Fallingwater or Kentuck Knob.  Some of the things that I want participants to take away from this experience is the amazing dedication to vision, a balance of nature, and the freedom to take risks.  All of these things are embodied in Frank Lloyd Wright's awe-inspiring architecture and design.

Over the course of three days, we'll work on mixed media techniques and I'll share some of my favorite sculpting and painting methods.  We'll work individually and as a group to embrace our creative spirits and create from a mindful, in-touch place.  Each participant will create unique works of art and we'll have over 18 hours of dedicated class time.

This retreat includes lodging for three nights, a ticket to one of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses, and will be accompanied with a goodie bag, filled with all kinds of rewards featured in the Project: Next Step offerings.  To find out more about our retreat, CLICK HERE.  To learn more about all of the great rewards for participating in Project: Next Step, CLICK HERE.