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Allegory Gallery Interviews: Diane Hawkey

Ceramic Dog Bead by Diane Hawkey
Did you know that we recently launched a podcast?  We wanted to tell more of the stories behind the things that you find in the shop and introduce you to their makers.  We call the podcasts, "Allegory Gallery Interviews".  We started the series off with Gina Chalfant of White Swan Illuminations.  CLICK HERE to check out Gina's interview.  For our second podcast, we interviewed the amazing Diane Hawkey.  We were fortunate to take a few moments during BeadFest back in August to talk with Diane and learn more about her and her process.  In conjunction with the podcast, we also have a selection of her ceramic components available in the online store.  CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast with Diane and CLICK HERE to check out her pieces online.  We also have a Facebook page where you can receive all the latest information about the podcasts.  CLICK HERE to visit our special Allegory Gallery Interviews Facebook page.

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